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Combining data sources

Are you fetching data from multiple sources, e.g. multiple CMS and PIM systems? Combine all these data sources into one fast, flexible solution. Reduce the risk of bottlenecks by fetching data with just a single API call.

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One slow source can kill your performance

Fetching data from multiple sources can create performance bottlenecks

It's not uncommon for websites to fetch data from multiple locations.

Say you are a retail store running on a Sitecore setup. You may have product details stored in a PIM system like Struct and related "how-to"-articles stored in a CMS like WordPress.

Fetching from multiple sources not only increases the risk of performance bottlenecks, since one slow source severely can affect the user experience, it can also be a pain for the developer.

The developer has to find and grab data from multiple sources, which may also include a lot of unnecessary data in the API call. With Enterspeed the developer can combine and choose precisely the data he/she wants – all available from a single API call.

Go from one too many to just one

Reduce your number of API calls to just a single, hyper-fast one

Enterspeed lets you combine all your data sources into a single one. Not only that, you get to choose exactly how your data should look and what it should include.

By designing your own schemas that are based on your data sources, you get highly specific "views", which only includes the data you need.

Designing your schema is super simple using our low-code editor. In the editor, you can easily pick and combine your data.

All data gets seeded to Enterspeed and stored in our blazing-fast edge network.

The developer can now fetch exactly the data they want using just a single API call, either by using our Delivery API or our Delivery .NET SDK.

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