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The Enterspeed Headless Hub is an integration layer between your backend and your frontend architecture. It allows your data to flow fast and easy between your backend and frontend. Even if you operate on multiple frontends.

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Fast time to value
At Enterspeed, we simply just want to help you create fast and efficient high-performance websites that deliver better business results and user experience.
High performing & Global scalability
At Enterspeed, our SaaS product is high-performing with global scalability and security by design.
Decoupled, flexible & platform agnostic
At Enterspeed, we integrate through APIs, meaning that our service is both decoupled, flexible & platform agnostic.

Empowering businesses with digital agility and high performance

The Enterspeed Headless Hub SaaS product is focused on helping businesses achieve digital agility and high performance. We have experience being digitally stuck and running large websites with poor performance. Thus, we also know the value of flexible, fast, and efficient websites. We know that fast websites generate more revenue, better conversion rates and better scores with Google, and so better utilisation of marketing budgets.

We want to deliver a solution for 3 core challenges in the market

Enterspeed Headless Hub is designed to cater to 3 core challenges in the digital market:
1. Performance
2. Breaking the update curve
3. MACH made simple

For years, studies have confirmed that performance matters, but still many digital solutions suffer from poor performance mainly due to slow response from their backend landscape, poorly build front-ends or massive overload of features and functions. Enterspeed Headless Hub will help with accelerating data sources in an efficient way to secure blazing-fast user experiences.

Breaking the update curve
Enterprises are spending huge amounts every year on updating their software in order to follow the overall market development. The truth is that many companies spending huge amounts on upgrading often only get security patches in return, hence there is no direct impact for businesses or users. The Enterspeed Headless Hub is built with secure-by-design in mind, meaning that our tool enables companies to place critical data sources or systems behind closed firewalls. This will eventually break the update curve for many companies and free up resources and budget to focus more on business and customer critical development.

MACH made simple
In the development area MACH (Microservice, APIs, Cloud first, Headless) are hot. But how do you get started? Enterspeed Headless Hub is built on MACH principles; however, it offers all companies with an opportunity to evolutionary go towards a MACH setup. Enterspeed Headless Hub can be used on a legacy setup, where a separation of front-end and back-end is step 1, and then Enterspeed Headless Hub enables the companies to shift towards modern tooling at their own pace – without customers being affected.

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A low-code API design

Enterspeed Headless Hub is a SaaS offering that provides you with the tools to take your existing content and make it available for use on your front-end(s)

Main components

  • Data Ingest (via API or CMS integrations)
  • Mapping and Transformation – we call it API Design
  • Delivery API

The Enterspeed Headless product is a low-code API design tool with an integrated data accelerator built on modern infrastructure, so you can significantly improve the performance on your front-end. It has been built by experts who have been working with high-performance sites and microservice infrastructures for many years.

Enterspeed Headless Hub is platform-agnostic and can help with many different performance issues.

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What we do

The Enterspeed Headless Hub has a large variety of integration opportunities, and we want to be the layer that connects and integrates data, giving more control to developers with fewer responsibilities for scaling, individual source performance etc.

The Enterspeed Headless Hub is designed to help with all kinds of digital solutions that have multiple data sources. Consider Enterspeed Headless Hub to be your focal of development, connecting your sources into one. As an example, if you are running with several CMS systems or different PIM systems, then you can utilize Enterspeed Headless Hub to connect all data points and serve it fast, efficient and globally to the front-end user.

The Enterspeed Headless Hub is currently being used in many different cases such as:

  • Large enterprises having multiple Umbraco CMS instances and issues on global scaling
  • Businesses who want better content universes than Shopify can offer, but still need the Shopify shop functionality
  • Large Enterprises with complex Sitecore that want to make a new and simple headless site and start the transformation towards a more modern infrastructure across their landscape
  • Businesses wanting to create both a B2B and B2C shops with massive content solutions; here, Enterspeed will be the glue between commerce tools and Umbraco
  • Large E-tailers with legacy platforms who want an evolutionary journey towards a modern setup with quick gains in performance

Our current list of open-source integration packages:

  • Umbraco 9
  • Umbraco 8
  • Umbraco 7
  • Sitecore 9
  • .NET Standard SDK
  • More integrations are under development

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How the Enterspeed Headless Hub can create value

Over the years, we have tried so many things, but we know that your existing digital setup is NOT worthless – Actually, most companies could save a lot of money by simplifying and revitalizing their setups. This is where Enterspeed creates the most value for our customers. With Enterspeed, we help companies get the most value out of their existing setup and make it more futureproof.
We have seen clients harvest 6 major benefits by using Enterspeed:

More Revenue
Faster sites generate better business results on conversion rates – Enterspeed delivers the foundation for blazing-fast websites

Higher Marketing Effectiveness
Higher quality sites generate better Core Web Vital scoring, and therefore deliver higher marketing effectiveness and budget utilization on Google. High-quality sites are rooted in high performance

Cheaper development
With Enterspeed Headless Hub, you need fewer custom integrations and can build your digital experiences with more standard software. This means less development time and cost

Simpler maintenance
With Enterspeed Headless Hub, companies can do more focused maintenance on certain software elements without having downtime for users. Hence, maintenance of your infrastructure will be cheaper and simpler.

Better development processes
With Enterspeed Headless Hub, companies can have different teams implementing new code without major coordination and collaboration between teams. This means more time and budget on actual value creation

Global scaling
Enterspeed Headless Hub is built to scale globally and regionally, at low costs. The Headless Hub can be deployed to most Azure datacentres around the world, bringing blazingly fast performance close to users everywhere in the world.

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What we are not

Enterspeed Headless Hub can be used in many shapes and cases, however, it is important for us to highlight what you cannot expect from the Enterspeed Headless Hub

  1. A Headless Content Management System (CMS). The Enterspeed Headless Hub integrates to multiple CMSs and even several at the same time, but it is not a new Headless CMS.
  2. “Just a Caching layer”. The Enterspeed Headless Hub is way more than “just caching”, it connects and prepares all data to be used at the front-end.
  3. A Content Delivery Network. There are so many excellent CDN providers with static site generators, and we actually encourage clients to use those together with the Enterspeed Headless Hub to gain maximum performance gains.
  4. Headless Commerce – We support building a headless microservice infrastructure, but you still need a commerce engine to carry out your basket calculations, stock verifications and checkout.
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