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Commerce site gains high speed in a composable architecture

Jane Skovbo
Jane Skovbo
Head of Communication & Business Processes at Enterspeed
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In a quest to create a smooth B2C shopping experience, a European retailer with market shares across several countries chose to develop a completely new commerce site. At the same time, they also decided to update their existing one, which especially caters to B2B retail. Enterspeed is part of both.

When the organisation decided to venture into new market segments, they realised that the IT monolith they already had posed severe limitations to their new business endeavours. They simply couldn’t manoeuvre the way they wanted.

From monolith to MACH

To break with their monolithic architecture, they and their agency built a new, composable stack according to MACH principles.

And they decided on Enterspeed as integration layer for the customer-facing systems. Specifically, Enterspeed integrates with:

  • Headless Umbraco (source)
  • SAP data (source)
  • InRiver (source)
  • Algolia (destination)

Check out our Umbraco integration 👉 Getting started | Enterspeed Docs

Check out our algolia integration 👉  Algolia | Enterspeed Docs

Scaling across geography, brands, and channels

Today, the company has a new tech stack of multiple systems loosely connected via APIs. Using Enterspeed as integration layer, it’s easy to upgrade, change, or add new components without disturbing either the frontend or the rest of the stack.

Check out more on orchestration of composable data 👉 Content Federation: How to manage your composable stack

And the company can easily embark on new business ventures without facing the constraints they did before. Through Enterspeed, their modern IT architecture is optimised to scale across multiple brands, multiple sales channels, numerous countries, etc.

The new composable architecture significantly enhances user experience (UX) by ensuring high performance and seamless interactions. By decoupling various components, the system can deliver faster load times and more responsive frontend.

For more info contact Enterspeed CTO Emil Rasmussen.


Jane Skovbo
Jane Skovbo
Head of Communication & Business Processes at Enterspeed

Thrown into tech marketing and loving it. Mother of two, wife of one, runner, and reader of romance.

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