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About us

We want to empower developer success

Based in Aarhus, Denmark but looking at the whole world, we want to democratise high performing APIs and provide developers everywhere with the tools to make web development simpler, easier and faster.

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Who are we, you ask?

Born out of a lot of banging our heads to the table

Oh gosh. Where to begin...? Enterspeed is a lot of things. We are our product, our values and our team. We have convictions. And we have history. Because even though we were founded in 2020, we go further back. Way further.

Enterspeed is really the result of experience from years in the consultancy business and from some of the largest E-commerce sites in Scandinavia. We’ve been on the other side of the table and struggled with slow, legacy monoliths. We’ve helped demolish entire architectures because some of the components were outdated. And we’ve been swearing (loudly) over low web performance.

So, we decided to do something about it, and Enterspeed is the result of that.

Democratising high performing APIs

Get ready for flexible, fast, and efficient websites

We are determined to provide an alternative to the heavy and über complex processes and the use-and-throw-away culture often characterising web development today.

We’ve taken some of the most interesting tools, stacks, processes and microservice thinking and merged them into exceptional strong products and services for developers and businesses.

The Enterspeed Headless product is a low-code API design tool with an integrated data accelerator built on modern infrastructure, so you can significantly improve the performance on your front-end(s). It has been built by experts who have been working with high-performance sites and microservice infrastructures for many years.

Enterspeed Headless Hub is platform-agnostic and can help with many different performance issues.

Basically, Enterspeed’s Backend for Frontend Headless Hub helps you gain agility, speed and flexibility by decoupling and accelerating your backend and marketing systems from your frontend applications.

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Want to meet our fearsome team?

We call them Enterspeedos – they don’t all love that…

Toke Lund (CEO)

Toke Lund


tlk@enterspeed.com+45 21 55 18 25
Morten Thusgaard (COO)

Morten Thusgaard


Emil Rasmussen (CTO)

Emil Rasmussen


Jane Skovbo (Head of Business Processes)

Jane Skovbo

Head of Business Processes

Kasper Andreassen (UX Engineer)

Kasper Andreassen

UX Engineer

Jesper Thind (Senior Software Engineer)

Jesper Thind

Senior Software Engineer

Elgars Logins (Senior Software Engineer)

Elgars Logins

Senior Software Engineer

Alex Karlsen (Senior Software Engineer)

Alex Karlsen

Senior Software Engineer


This dynamic bunch is one of the cornerstones of Enterspeed. Not only are they hardworking and take pride in our product and journey. They’re also a tight-knit group who understands that professional satisfaction goes hand in hand with personal welfare.

Even though some prefer working from home and others are at the office every day, we make a point of meeting daily. All of us. We talk product and company – and we spend a fair amount of time having fun together (according to Toke, too often at his expense).

Want to join in on the fun? 🥳

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Developers’ BFF

There is no such thing as too friendly

Yes. You heard right. We really did say BFF. We want to be your preferred Backend For Frontend (BFF, see?) hub. And we’re convinced that we can be.

But. We also want to be developers’ Best Friend Forever – and we’re not at all ashamed to channel Paris Hilton…

Getting friendly with performance and flexibility

It’s no secret that traditional CMS can be quite cumbersome to work on when optimising for performance such as improving Core Web Vitals. This is why many websites are moving away from traditional, monolithic solutions and over to new headless solutions like a JAMstack (Javascript, API, and Markup) solution.

By syncing your content to Enterspeed, you get the flexibility to design and optimise your frontend application as you please. Content can be rendered in whichever framework you prefer, be it Next.js, Nuxt.js, Gatsby, or simply plain vanilla JS.

This makes developers happy since they can build a blazing fast application. The content creators are also happy since they can hold on to the editor experience (their CMS) they already know and don’t have to learn a new tool.

Should content creators wish to switch to another CMS, the developers can simply connect this new source to Enterspeed without worrying about losing data or risking downtime.

Everybody gets it their way ❤