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Open positions 🦸🏼‍♂️🦸🏼‍♀️

We’ve plenty of room for new Enterspeedos or Enterspeedas …

We currently don't have any open positions.

Not where your talents lie?

If we don’t have a vacant position that suits you, you’re welcome to reach out anyway.

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Work from anywhere

Remote dependent or office nut? We’ll fit you right in

It’s not very important to us whether you prefer working from home or come into the office every day. We can accommodate both. And we do. But it is important that we’re still a team.

We check in with each other daily to talk shop and to do the whole water cooler thing. So, don’t let the fact that you’re not close to Aarhus hold you back.

Thank God someone invented Teams and Slack 😎

The pros and cons of the office

Working together apart (and doing it well)

Right. It’s not that we’re a huge organisation catering to hundreds of people (yet), but we are rather diverse when it comes to our needs and wishes for our workday.

Every Enterspeedos (we’re working hard to get everyone to embrace this term... not quite there yet 🤷‍♂️) has his or her own preferences when it comes to organising the workday. Some prefer the comfort and quietness of the home office, some like the dynamics of working alongside colleagues every day, and some fancy the flexibility of the mix.

We want to be the kind of workplace, where you want to come to the office. But we also realise that working at the office has some potential drawbacks such as commuting and limited control of the environment (noise, light, heat and fresh air). You know – like the partly deaf colleague talking loudly *cough Toke Lund cough* or stuff like arguing discussing when the windows should be open... 😬

At Enterspeed, about half of us work from home as default, and only comes to the office occasionally. The freedom to work from home is advantageous for both company and colleague: To Enterspeed, it gives us access to talent from all over the world. And as colleagues, we get flexibility in the working day to pick up the kids, put in a workout or coach soccer – as well as control over the working environment.

Naturally, all of this doesn't come for free just by cancelling the office lease or even adding a Teams or Zoom link to the meeting invite. We’ve had to design our whole organisation to be digital first 👇

Woman on her laptop with a beautiful view
Woman on her laptop with a beautiful view

Digital-first: The Enterspeed way of working

Distributed, remote, virtual or digital (potato, potahto)

No matter where you prefer to boot up the computer, working together is a major part of our daily work. It’s vital to us that we enable a close collaboration culture even though we’re spread across (home) offices, and that is why digital-first works so well for us. It gives everybody the same outset and access.

The superpowers of async 🦸‍♂️

Obviously, we’re gifted with a number of superpowers (said most humbly) – most of them in the shape of awesome enterspeedos. Working digital-first is part of our efforts to enable every one of them to shine.

And this naturally brings us to asynchronous communication, an often-hidden superpower of the digital first organisation. Emails, shared documents, wikis, blogposts and comments are async. Phone, video calls and face-to-face meetings, on the other hand, are synchronous. Chat (such as Slack) is perhaps somewhere in the middle, but more skewed against synchronous.

In Enterspeed we use both, but it’s the async communication that allows us the flexibility to work on different schedules and different locations. In the early days we made the decision to prioritise async channels, and today digital-first is completely integrated in our working culture. But not just because it allows us to work apart. To us, digital-first is key to getting more deep work into the day.

When communication is asynchronous, you can work on hashing out that next big feature description on your own time. By using a shared document with a good feedback mechanism, you and your team can comment when it fits into your schedules.

Writing is a great way to find flow in the work – and in longform you get more time to achieve a deeper understanding of the problem space. The same can be said about working on problem solving. Both writing and problem solving requires deep work, where you focus without distractions and work on you own schedule.

From a digital-first perspective this is an advantage. With multiple sessions of deep work and feedback from your team, that is also the result of distraction free deep work the quality of the work is bound to be better. Stop for a moment and think about what kind of feedback you get after a PowerPoint presentation in a face-to-face meeting, and then contrast with a well thought out written feedback on a write up. Perhaps the process is slow, but sometimes you need to move slow, to move fast.

It’s our conviction and experience that async communication is more effective and produces higher quality work 🕺🏼⚡

Establishing trust in a digital-first organisation

How we put the “us” into “Enterspeedos”... (Wait! What? 🤦🏼‍♀️)

But surely, digital-first also entails some challenges – one of the major one is building and maintaining a sense of “us”. We’re still one team, although we don’t sit shoulder to shoulder.

How we work together is important, but honestly, who we work with also plays a huge role in our well-being and job satisfaction. It is easier to give and receive feedback when you trust your team members. Establishing trust in a digital-first organisation requires just as much consideration as the work does.

Because the Enterspeedos are spread across offices, it's not easy to see what our colleagues are doing or pick up visual clues of their feelings and reactions. Therefore, we are perhaps over-communicating. Both as a company and as individuals we try to be as transparent and explicit as possible.

That’s why we meet up digitally every morning. All of us. And why everyone has a weekly 1:1 either digitally or face-to-face (often held as walk n’ talks) with their closest manager. And why all of our teams have at least weekly check-ins. And also why we, despite our true and undying love for async communication and digital-first theories, still prioritise to meet face-to-face for work and fun 🥳👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏼

Woman on her laptop with a beautiful view

Don’t just take our word for it... (or.. Well. Do!)

The everyday life of an Enterspeedos

"Occasionally I (try to) make the joke, that I’m a diversity hire. The female necessity in a tech organisation. But that is bonkers, of course. I’m actually quite excited about my job. I laugh every day at work. I love how we somehow manage to create a common culture and a tight-knit team, even though I’ve only met some of my colleagues a couple of times. Our daily stand-up is great and serves as a cultural touch-base as much as a means to divide work. It just works for us."
- Jane Skovbo, Head of Business processes

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