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Use Enterspeed for free with up to 5,000 source entities and 500,000 delivery API requests per month.

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5,000 source entities

500,000 delivery API requests

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Number of delivery API requests

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long can I stay on the Free plan?

If you don’t exceed the limits of 5,000 source entities and 500,000 delivery API requests, you can stay on the Free plan indefinitely.

What happens if I exceed the Free plan limits?

When you exceed either 5,000 source entities OR 500,000 delivery API requests, you’ll need to upgrade to a Premium plan. We will send you an email with a payment link, and then you have 5 days to activate payment. If we do not hear back from you, we will need to pause your account.

What makes the pricing model usage-based?

The price point of Enterspeed follows your monthly usage. Imagine that the usage is packed in packages of 5,000 source entities and 500,000 delivery API requests.

The first one is free, and any additional package you open costs €99 per month.
  • 1 package = free.
  • 2 packages = €99.
  • 5 packages = €396.

Do you offer a volume discount?

Yes. If your usage exceeds 8 packages (40,000 source entities OR 4,000,000 delivery API requests), please reach out!

Do I need to provide credit card info to get started?

No. You can get started without any billing info. You don’t need to provide any payment info until you move to a Premium plan.

Which method of payments do you offer?

If you choose a Premium plan, we can set you up with Credit card payment. Enterspeed accepts payment in the following credit and debit cards: Dankort, Visa Dankort, Visa, and Mastercard. If you opt for an Enterprise plan, we offer invoice billing.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

You find our Terms and Conditions right here. If you need any extensions made, please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate you in a joined commitment model.

What is a source entity?

A source entity is Enterspeed jargon for a record or document. It is roughly equivalent to a page in a CMS or a product in a commerce platform.

When you calculate how many source entities you need in Enterspeed, you will want to consider the following:
  • How many entities do you have in your source system?
  • How many source environments do you need - e.g. development, staging and production?
  • Does the source system have multiple versions - e.g. published and preview – of the same entity?

What is a Delivery API request?

When your website reads data from Enterspeed, it uses our Delivery API. Depending on your frontend architecture, you can roughly think of a Delivery API request, as a page view. When you estimate how many Delivery API requests you need, we recommend using the number of page views as a rough estimate.

If you use a static site generation, you will need fewer Delivery API requests. If you have a server side rendered site and use a proxy cache, your use of Delivery API requests is also lower than the number of page views.

If you on the other hand have a site using a single page application architecture and some pages requires multiple requests of data from Enterspeed, you may need more Delivery API requests than you have page views.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

The Free and Premium plans can be terminated by both parties with 30 days written notice. For an Enterprise plan, we refer to the terms of the contract.

Can I upgrade – and how?

If you need to add more source entities or Delivery API requests, we update you automatically upon usage. If you want to move from a Premium plan to an Enterprise plan, you’re welcome to reach out to Enterspeed right here.

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