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Reduce licence fees

Do you get enough out of your licence expenses?

You’ve probably already optimised user access and licences for your various systems, but perhaps there’s still room for improvement?

Licence models are often designed so that simple features are hidden behind expensive licence tiers. This can result in expenses for full licences even though your users only perform simple tasks. Perhaps your organisation's leaders just need to approve purchases, or employees simply need to register absences.

It goes without saying that it’s expensive and frustrating when licences aren’t optimally utilised, but there’s a simple solution. With Enterspeed, you can make data available with low code so it can easily be used in other solutions, thereby eliminating expensive licences. With a relatively small effort, users will be able to make registrations or approvals via PowerApp, Teams, Slack, or a similar preferred tool.

Licence expenses will be reduced, and everyday life becomes easier for your users when allowing them to use familiar mobile-first tools that’s always at hand.

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