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Create endless websites using just a single CMS as your data source. Reduce cost and complexity by saying goodbye to multiple instances of the same CMS – all while improving performance.

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Create M.W.A. (Microsites With Attitude)

You are now about to witness the strength of tech knowledge

If you are a business that operates with multiple sub-brands or product lines, you want each of these to be as strong and recognizable as possible – you want them to have attitude. A great way to achieve this, is by giving each sub-brand or product lines its own microsite.

There are several benefits for creating a microsite, it can for instance:

  • Increase awareness around the brand or product
  • Deliver targeted content to specific segments
  • Be easier to optimise for niche SEO-keywords
  • Generate high-intent leads

Another benefit of a microsite is that they don't have to blend in with the parent companies' website. The designer can instead create a brand-specific experience.

Sprout endless sites from a single source

Use a single CMS as your content-editing base without loosing performance

Microsites are great, but... To not make every microsite look the same, you often need a separate CMS for each. Each new CMS adds additional cost and need for maintenance, and as the Notorious B.I.G. once said "Mo maintenance, mo problems" – or something along that line.

With Enterspeed you can create unique and independent microsites, all from a single CMS.

Not only does this reduce cost and complexity for your setup – but it can also give you amazing performance since all content gets stored in our blazing-fast edge network.

Inside Enterspeed, you can set up multiple environment clients with their own API key, which makes each of your sites independent of each other.

You select exactly which data you wish to use for each website, removing a lot of bloat from your API calls.

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