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Speeding up legacy systems

Make your old CMS purr like a kitten and take its performance into the twenty-first century. Get your site to meet Google's new Core Web Vitals standards, which affect both your search ranking and conversion rate.

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Wave goodbye to poor performance

Better performance means greater rankings, higher conversion rate, and happier customers.

Websites built on old technology can be a nightmare to optimise for performance. A fast page load is no longer enough if you wish to please Big G (Google) and your customers. You need to comply with the new standards, Core Web Vitals, which isn't always easy with an old system.

It may have been years since your system was last updated, and switching to a newer version isn't just as simple as pushing a button. Not only can an update risk breaking the entire site, but the cost of a new license can also easily be thousands of dollars.

Luckily Enterspeed can free you of this headache.

When using Enterspeed all of your content gets decoupled from your CMS, which enables you to make a fast website using precisely the technology you wish.

Make your CMS go headless

Keep the editing experience from your current CMS

When using Enterspeed, you essentially make your current CMS headless.

All of your content gets seeded to Enterspeed and stored in our blazing-fast edge network. Seeding can be done either via our API or one of our integrations, for instance our Umbraco pacakage.

Once your content has been seeded to Enterspeed, you can now fetch it using our Delivery .API or Delivery .NET SDK.

Having decoupled your CMS enables you to scale down your server without affecting your performance or to do maintenance work without worrying about downtime.

You can see our tutorial how we set up a Next.js application, using data from Enterspeed and Umbraco. Check out our "Setting up Enterspeed with Umbraco and Next.js"-tutorial here.

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