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Refine your data

Does your data contain untapped potential?

We all know the (mis)used phrase 'data is the new gold'.

Many companies possess data that, like gold, requires refining to increase in value. Your data might become more valuable if you collaborate with other companies or educational institutions or corelate data from sources.

Successful companies often collaborate to maximise skills, knowledge, experience, and data, achieving previously unattainable result.

The effectiveness of AI, Large Language Models and Machine Learning all rely heavily on the quality and quantity of the data that the models are based on. Publicly available models, such as ChatGPT, may not align with your customer demographics or behaviours. That’s one reasons why companies collaborate on exchanging anonymised data to refine models and collectively create more precise models for their target audience.

By using Enterspeed, you avoid exposing your on-premises environment and thus maintain a high level of IT security, as you only expose public data through Enterspeed.

Similarly, distributors can collaborate with retailers, leveraging data to adapt sales strategies and optimise inventory based on consumer trends.

Also energy companies and educational institutions collaborate on data consumption patterns to lay the groundwork for the development of tomorrow's energy solutions.

And so on, and on, and on.

With Enterspeed, you can easily make your data available in a secure manner, without compromising or burdening your business-critical systems. Using low code, data can be exposed so that each individual company or educational institution can only access relevant data, and at the same time, you can enrich your own data foundation from a variety of sources.

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