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Freedom of design

Free yourself from the shackles of your Content Management System. Unleash your inner Michelangelo by designing your website exactly as you wish using your favorite frontend framework.

Artist wearing a beret painting a web design
A weird art installation with a bust (sculpture)

Go as batsh*t crazy as you please

No more being limited by your CMS – make your design without restrains

Using a CMS is great for quickly and easily managing content. But it often comes with restrains, when choosing how it should be structured and how it should look.

Much of the design structure in a CMS is predetermined and highly opinionated. This makes customization difficult and can result in some hackish' solutions to get the CMS to do as you want.

"There's gotta be a better way!" *cut to Enterspeed infomercial*

Using Enterspeed you're no longer restrained by your CMS. You get so much freedom it would make even William Wallace cry. By seeding your content to Enterspeed, you can build precisely the design you want.

Fun to build, easy to integrate

Building your new content structure is as easy and fun as a box of LEGO's

Once your content has been seeded to Enterspeed, you can start transforming it by designing your schemas. All data is stored in our blazing-fast edge network.

In your schemas, you get access to all your data. Now, all you have to do is decide which pieces you want to use and how they should be placed – just like a LEGO structure.

Your schemas will generate new "views" from your content, which you can fetch using our Delivery API or our Delivery .NET SDK.

Now you are free to implement it where you want using whichever framework or library you prefer, be it React, Vue, Svelte, Next, Nuxt, or plain old Vanilla JS.

Check out our GitHub to see how we implemented it using Next.js and Nuxt.js

Multiple people making a heart out of LEGO's