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Unified APIs

Does your UX depend on the performance of vendor systems?

Solutions in a loosely coupled architecture often rely on data from systems or APIs that you aren’t in control of.

For good reasons, vendors implement limitations on APIs. This may be for fair-use purposes, for security reasons, or to charge additional fees for the service.

Vendors limit lookups to APIs through various methods. The most common method is by restricting the maximum number of lookups within a given period, such as per minute, hour, day, and/or via a sliding window.

It also varies how the lookups are measured; some vendors summarise per user while others summarise across all users.

When API limitations are exceeded, the results are often longer response times, leading to a poor user experience or, in worst case scenarios, missing responses, thereby affecting business-critical applications.

With Enterspeed, you can make yourself independent of the vendors, improve response times, avoid costly add-ons, and gain control over your costs.

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