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A POC: Combining data between CMSs. Yeah 💪

Jesper Weber
Jesper Weber
Senior Software Engineer at Enterspeed
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One of the true powers of Enterspeed is the ability to ingest and merge data from multiple sources into a single cached response. This makes it way easier for clients to fetch and consume data – and just as important, it makes the response super-fast.🦸‍♀️

It’s no secret, that many larger companies have more than one system for doing more or less the same things. Yes, we’re looking at you CMS. And CMS. And, yep, another CMS…

The reasons for using more than just one system vary, of course. For some they might be historical, others are in the middle of a transition, and in some organisations the departments simply have different needs or workflows.

But *ugh*. What if you want to present data from the different systems on the same page on a website or in an app?

Two CMSs – one presentation layer

That’s a brilliant use case for Enterspeed 🦸 Our Speed Layer’s ability to ingest data from multiple sources and map the data using our low code schema into a single view is a great feature for cases like this.

At Enterspeed we‘ve already built a set of source connectors for e.g. Umbraco and Sitecore and now we’re about to add another one to the list 👉 Contentful is now in the mix. *Tadaaa*

The Contentful source connector to Enterspeed is an Azure function listening for the webhooks you can easily setup in Contentful.

The state of the Contentful connector is still at POC level, but you can see a working demo of Enterspeed, Umbraco, and the new Contentful connector in action together in the video below.

Missing an integration to your platform?

Our Ingest API is the heart of all our source connectors. The Ingest API is a REST endpoint and you can call the Ingest API directly in order to ingest data from every system.

The source connectors are packages that you can install so that every time an editor makes a change in e.g. the CMS or PIM system, the changes are automatically updated in Enterspeed.


All our source connectors are Open Source 🎁, including the new Contentful connector. This means that you can help improve the existing connectors with new features or bug fixes. Simply create your own fork, make your change, and send us a pull request.

You can even start from scratch, building your very own source connector if you’re using a platform that we don't already have a connector for.

If you build a new source Connector or if you “just” build a custom integration to Enterspeed, we have the Enterspeed.Source.Sdk for .NET . The Enterspeed.Source.Sdk is a .NET wrapper on top of the Ingest API, making it easier for you to ingest data in a .NET context.

We use the Enterspeed.Source.Sdk ourselves in all the source connectors we build.

And yes of course. The Enterspeed.Source.Sdk is also Open Source 😉

Jesper Weber
Jesper Weber
Senior Software Engineer at Enterspeed

Loves building software that makes an impact on businesses. Untalented but happy ice hockey player (the beers just taste better in a locker room after a game...)

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