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Why Enterspeed?

If you’re looking to orchestrate or migrate data sources, we can rock your world 🤘 We’ll put some serious umpf in your performance to really enhance your customer experiences. 🤤

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Off-the-shelf headless

Give some love to both legacy and new data

Choose Enterspeed if you want a headless, tech agnostic infrastructure that boosts your performance.

Enterspeed’s Content Federation Layer is a low-code SaaS integration platform between the backend and frontend architecture. We promote speed and flexibility by decoupling, storing, and accelerating the data sources to the frontend.

Enterspeed is off-the-shelf with open-source integrations for popular CMSs, PIMs, and other data sources – and with more added all the time.

Enterspeed is based on modern MACH concepts. We are, in other words, built on Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless principles.

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One fits all

Hand🤚! Meet glove🧤

The tech independence and flexibility we offer, are some of the things that separate us from competitors. Where other systems typically integrate with selected frontends, we are tech agnostic. We don’t care which CMS, PIM, or Ecommerce solution, you’re using. We don’t even care how many.

We can ensure integrations to several simultaneous data sources and serve the data quickly, efficiently, and globally to the frontend user. 

We also don’t really care whether you’re building on legacy system or best-of-breed MACH architecture.

If you want to take them headless and up your performance, we’ll be your backers. Enterspeed lets you keep and combine the systems you need (or cannot change) while giving you the headless benefits.

As a rather unique feature, Enterspeed stores the data and prepares it for instant global distribution. We eliminate risks typically associated with system upgrades. Using Enterspeed, developers have flexibility to update, disconnect and connect data sources without the end-user experiencing downtime at the frontend.

Highlights of Enterspeed

All those little things that add up to developer love ❤️

👉 Based on modern MACH concepts
Enterspeed is a Microservice, API first, Cloud native and Headless SaaS 

👉 Tech agnostic
Enterspeed is not dependent on a single technology, and we can ensure integrations to several simultaneous data sources, e.g. CMS, PIM, and ERP systems, and serve the data quickly, efficiently and globally to the frontend user.

👉 The old legacy systems getting slow? 
No worries, Enterspeed stores the data from the data sources, so the frontend gets it blazingly fast (we’re often looking at 50 milliseconds) even though your old legacy IT stack is shuffling.

👉 High-performant and scalable
We serve large multinational companies needing to deliver data out of data centers in specific regions. Make use of our MS Azure Multi-region Distribution and push your stuff around the globe in seconds. 

👉 Secure by design!
No more worrying about hackers trying to access your vulnerable backend systems through the plethora of APIs feeding a headless front end. Enterspeed brings security by design to your IT stack. 

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