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New Enterspeed integration for commercetools


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Great news!

This is something many have been hoping for 👉 an open source Enterspeed integration for commercetools 🤩

By using commercetools with Enterspeed, businesses can now integrate their catalogue with other data sources, streamlining their workflow and improving the customer experience. Additionally, by connecting your PIM to Enterspeed, you can intertwine data and editorial-based concepts such as brand pages.

Check out our full commercetools use case.  

Oh, and the Enterspeed commercetools Source integration also lets you use commercetools data through Enterspeed's schema and delivery API, which limits access to sensitive product attributes, so you're secure-by-design. No need for backend-for-frontend API coding.

Why is this so great?

commercetools is a popular e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of features for ecommerce businesses. It provides a flexible and scalable architecture that allows businesses to easily manage and update their products, inventory, and orders.

Our integration makes it easy for businesses to connect their commercetools catalogue with other data sources, without the need for extensive coding or API calls. 💪

We feel pretty confident that this integration will benefit businesses greatly by simplifying their commerce workflow and improving the customer experience. And right now, we're actually really excited to see how businesses will utilise Enterspeed commercetools Source to take their e-commerce operations to the next level 🚀

The integration is open source and you can find all the neccesary documentation in Github.

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