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Umbraco webinar April 22, 2022

Umbraco webinar April 22, 2022

Thanks for joining the Enterspeed+Umbraco tech webinar! On this page you'll find the webinar recording as well as a little extra goodies and info on how to get started on Enterspeed. Just in case you were wondering πŸ˜‡

Umbraco webinar April 22, 2022

Watch the recorded webinar here πŸ‘‡

Enterspeed and Headless Umbraco

Simply put, Enterspeed is a super efficient Backend for Frontend (BFF) speeding up and decoupling e.g. CMS and PIM data for maximum developer freedom and the best end-user experience.

Enterspeed comes with:

  • prebuilt data ingest APIs for Umbraco 7, 8 and 9
  • open API for a range of other source systems
  • low-code schema editor for data transformation
  • and blazing fast global data delivery based on Microsoft Azure storage.Β 

Why you'll love us too πŸ’™

Backenders love Enterspeed because

  • they can focus on delivering data to a single abstraction layer
  • data transformation is handled by frontenders.

Frontenders love Enterspeed because

  • all data streams they need are stored in one location
  • they can easily control data transformations
  • content is served super fast!Β 

IT architects love Enterspeed because

  • decoupling data from legacy systems de-stresses the IT organisation
  • the abstraction layer keeps them out of IT lock-in
  • it adds a separate layer of security.

Simplifying the Carlsberg IT stack

Why Carlsberg Group uses Enterspeed

  • Backend-for-Frontend as a Service
  • Multiple frontends with variants of same data
  • Single API endpoint
  • Integrate legacy data sources

Unleashing agility at Hummel

Why Hummel uses Enterspeed

  • Fast time-to-market with new brand shops
  • Simplify backend/frontend exchange
  • Speed up loading times for the end-user

Better scaling at Global Equestrian Group

Why Global Equestrian Group uses Enterspeed

  • Developing a scalable stack on tried technologyΒ Β 
  • Global distribution
  • Avoiding custom build

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How to handle Umbraco preview

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