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Webinar: Use EOL migration to modernise your architecture 🚀


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Our very own Jesper Weber is teaming up with Umbraco MVP (many times over) Marcin Zajkowski for this free webinar hosted by Umbraco. They will talk about the neccesity to migrate out of EOL software – but more importantly how that migration is an obvious opportunity to rethink and modernise your infrastructure.

May 16th at 2 PM CEST.

More and more organisations are realising the benefits of using a migrator to ensure a faster, easier, and more efficient migration. And that’s great! 

But why not use your migration process for a long-term modernisation of your architecture?  

This webinar will not only show a more efficient way for you to migrate to a newer version of Umbraco using Enterspeed. We’ll also explore how businesses can move beyond simple migration and utilise the process to leverage the opportunities of headless and Umbraco Cloud. 

We will show that the migration process leaves you in a perfect condition to transition to a modern, cloud-based architecture with high flexibility and high performance.  

Check out more and meet the speakers on Umbracos website right here 👉 Modernize your architecture for the long term 🚀 (

You can also check out the recording 👇

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