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Gartner coining DXC as ”our” category


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Digital Experience Composition is here. We were clearly not the only ones who’ve struggled to nail the right phrasing for our turf of work. So, thank you Gartner for doing it so elegantly! 🙌

During the summer of ’22 Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Digital Commerce 2022 came out – and handed us the term Digital Experience Composition

DXC covers a category that’s rapidly evolving and challenges more traditional schools of thought within tech architecture. That especially includes monolithic builds, but also newer technologies such as DXP, which – in our opinion – is disadvantaged by its structural necessity that all data pass through their sphere of control.

We’re thrilled about this term and hugely grateful to Gartner <link> for coining this emerging category – because this is exactly what Enterspeed is.

The future is composable – and in the future most companies will build complex Ecommerce and digital experiences consisting of several best of breed components. The key is to orchestrate across all components, and that is where we fit right in.

Read more about DXC on our Topic Page 👉 DXC: What it is – and why you need it