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New Enterspeed connector to Contentful


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What do you do if you want to present data from different CMSs (or other source systems) on the same page on a website or in an app?

Well. Enterspeed can ingest data from multiple data sources and use our low code schema to map it into a single view. Voila! 

👏Our newest Open Source connector is for Contentful 👏

The new Contentful source connector to Enterspeed is an Azure function listening for the webhooks you can easily setup in Contentful.

Just like our other source connectors, it's a package you can install. So every time one of your content editors makes a change in your source system, the changes are automatically updated in Enterspeed.


Please note, that it's still at POC level. But you can see a working demo where we connect content from Umbraco and the new Contentful connector through Enterspeed in the video below.

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