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Our Cloudinary / Umbraco integration is here 🎉


Thumbnail for news post: Our Cloudinary / Umbraco integration is here 🎉

We’ve just launched a Cloudinary-Umbraco integration for Enterspeed. The package is an add-on for our Umbraco integration, so if you use Enterspeed on Umbraco this is great news for you 😊

Cloudinary is an cloud-based image and video management service.

The Cloudinary-Umbraco package will automatically upload the Umbraco media to Cloudinary and ingest the Cloudinary url to Enterspeed instead of the Umbraco url.

That means you can now use your Umbraco media library effectively in a decoupled architecture! 😮 

Awesome stuff, right?

The integration is open source and you can find it alongside our other integrations in our Documentation.

How does it work, you ask? See for yourself 👇

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