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Fetch your content with blazing-speed

The Delivery API is the secret ingredient in the Enterspeed recipe. All views are stored in a globally distributed, in-memory database. To fetch your content, simply call our easy-to-use REST API.

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Fetching your data fast

Globally distributed, in-memory database used to store your views

We take speed seriously – so much so that it's part of our name.

Our infrastructure is designed with performance in mind, to bring you the lowest latency possible.

Once your views have been generated, they can be fetched via a single API endpoint. If you have multiple websites, you can manage what content is available by creating Environment clients.

When your data gets updated, views are automatically regenerated on the fly, making changes appear almost instantaneously. That way your data is never stale, but reflects your original data source.

Dead simple to integrate

We play well with your favorite frontend framework

Enterspeed integrates into your frontend framework easily, whether you are a Vue fan or a React fanatic. Simply call our REST API and either render your content or generate static files.

Depending on how you've designed your schema, you can either get the content via URL (? or via handle (?handle=navigation).

Fetching content via the URL query parameter makes it easy to use dynamic routing in your frontend application, whereas the Handle query parameter works great for elements like navigation.

To show how simple it is to get started, we have created a demo repository containing more than ten different examples, for instance, Next.js, Nuxt, Remix, Astro, SvelteKit, to name a few.

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