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What’s on the horizon for Enterspeed in 2024?

Emil Rasmussen
Emil Rasmussen
CTO at Enterspeed
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With 2023 in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to look towards 2024. In Enterspeed, we have some exciting projects lined up.

In summary, we have three major themes on the agenda for 2024:

1) Improving what we have

2) GraphQL

3) Incremental Static Site Regeneration

1: Improving what we have

We have been working on Enterspeed for almost four years, and we’ve learned a ton. Now, we can see which features are the most used and where some of our initial assumptions have been proven either right or wrong. Under the umbrella of improving what we have, we have three(ish) sub-themes.

First, we are improving how destinations work. We are re-thinking how they fit into the platform and upgrading every part of the experience. Check out our various integrations 👉 Integrations

Secondly, we will provide insight into the processing queue.

Lastly, we are continuing to expand support for the ever-increasing volumes of data and increasing complexity in the solutions.

That last sub-theme around supporting larger volumes and complexity is actually very exciting. It has a host of underlying changes that prepare Enterspeed for the future. For our users, I want to highlight one component – we call it "implicit actions." Implicit actions will decrease the need for Schema developers to manually add reprocess actions in their schemas and simultaneously target exactly the views that need reprocessing.

A different component we are considering experimenting with this year is something we currently refer to as 'pre-processing of source entities.' Sometimes, the source system just doesn't reflect how you need to use your data. Currently, you need to change the data before you ingest it, but we think we can make it easier for our users by making this possible in the Enterspeed platform. One of our more exotic ideas is to spawn new source entities during the ingest process. We are excited about where these ideas will take us.

You curious to dive a bit deeper into Enterspeed's concepts? 👉 Understanding Enterspeed: Navigating new concepts through 5 topics

2: GraphQL

Currently, Enterspeed is purely REST-based, but we've already experimented with enabling GraphQL. GraphQL is a query language and is therefore something that is not entirely compatible with the Enterspeed model of pre-processing. So, in 2024, we will continue experimenting with striking the right balance between pre-processing and on-the-fly querying with GraphQL.

3: Incremental Static Site Regeneration

Static site generation is gaining in popularity both for performance and lowering CO2 emissions. But building a large static site can be slow and resource intensive. The answer is incremental static site regeneration, so you only build the parts of the site that have actually changed. We’ve already seen partners build some pretty impressive incremental static sites with Enterspeed, but we think we can build in much more tooling to make this easier.

Now, this might leave you wondering when you can try these things out 🤔 But we rather not make promises we might not be able to keep, so for now, we won't provide a timeline. Also, we might learn something new in 6 months and redo our priorities for the 2nd half of 2024.

What are you looking for?

Maybe you have an even better idea that we should consider for the roadmap, and we are always eager to listen to our partners and potential new partners.

If you have any comments on our 2024 roadmap, please reach out.

Stay fast!

Emil Rasmussen
Emil Rasmussen
CTO at Enterspeed

20 years of experience with web technology and software engineering. Loves candy, cake, and coaching soccer.

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