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The inconvenient truth of the IT imperfection of the world

Jane Skovbo
Jane Skovbo
Head of Communication & Business Processes at Enterspeed
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IT infrastructure is seldom the result of perfect decisions that just keeps on working. In reality, most companies are dragging along legacy that they need to maintain simply to stay in business. The world isn't perfect – and neither is infrastructure. But that just makes it more fun 😎🕺   

Here’s the real-world facts for digital projects: 

  • All companies struggle with technical debt 
  • Rapid change is constant 
  • Digital projects go over time and over budgets. 

Embrace your uniqueness 

You know that really great infrastructure piece someone recommended, and you truly need? It’s dead easy to use. And they told you that it takes next to nothing to make the integrations.  

Well, you can’t use it. 🤷 Nope. Because it doesn’t work with your decade old legacy Backoffice. So, your choices are to either get rid of your old systems and start all over. Or to do nothing and not get that new SaaS you were hoping for.  


There seems to be a general belief that other organisations are dedicatedly on top of every single infrastructural component and the integrations between them. But honestly, that’s rarely the case. Almost all organisations with any kind of history have technical debt as well.  

It’s not just you!

Although they’ve invested in standard solutions, they’ve made custom alterations to fit their exact needs. That leaves them with a unique stack of components. That’s natural. Organisations as well as projects are their own.  

So why do we try to fit everybody into one fits all perfect solutions? 

No 3 sec. pitstops 

So many components and solutions are built for perfect architecture. But they forget about legacy, technical debt, and custom solutions. That’s a shame, for that makes it harder for the digital organisation to utilise the SaaS offering as easily as intended.      

With company uniqueness often comes complexity. And every time the organisation needs to tweak their already complex infrastructure it involves a risk and it’s time consuming. 

Imagine a Formula 1 pitstop. The engine, the bodywork, the tires, the team – everything is optimised and fit. That’s why they can do less than 3 seconds pitstops. But imagine trying to fit that perfect tire to a tweaked bodywork… It would take some customisation. And it would definitely take longer than 3 seconds. They might not even finish the race.          

Photo by Oleksandr Baiev @bayevs

(See how we managed to compare ourselves to a formula 1 team? It was rather elegantly done, right?)  

Besides making it difficult to add new components to the infrastructure, the complexity also hampers the flexibility to make adjustments to the already existing components, which might leave you at a lock in on both infrastructure and the developers who’ve made the custom fixes. Every adjustment will be a project. Many projects will be big. And big projects often fail.   

Look to the future 

So, every time you add data to your infrastructure, you risk complications. That’s why there’s such a huge potential in enhancing the way we orchestrate data. Stop piping everything through your CMS. It’s not what it’s built for. It’s not a long-lasting strategy to use your functional systems as data hubs.  

Most likely, you don’t need a faster CMS. What you need is a middlelayer for Content Federation. 

👉 More on digital orchestration and composition

Perfectly imperfect 

We want to offer a perfect solution to an imperfect world. Basically, we want to connect the customised bodywork to the new and perfect tire to make an easy fit.  

Leaving the analogy to jump back into the world of IT infrastructure that means, that we’ve build a middlelayer that not only accelerates your data but also orchestrates your integrations whether they’re customised or not.  

Because the middlelayer is built for imperfect infrastructure, we eliminate a lot of custom effectively reducing both complexity, risk, and time to market.  

We make big projects small and agile. Also the imperfect ones.     

Maybe you're hooked on the idea and would like to hear a few thoughts about optimising your legacy and create a better digital experience? 😉

Well. You're very welcome to book our CEO Toke Lund for a talk about how you can utilise the composable space. 

Book online chat right here. 

Jane Skovbo
Jane Skovbo
Head of Communication & Business Processes at Enterspeed

Thrown into tech marketing and loving it. Mother of two, wife of one, runner, and reader of romance.

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