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Serve Edge data at the front – makes you more agile

Emil Rasmussen
Emil Rasmussen
CTO at Enterspeed
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In a highly volatile world, you need to be agile – at least, that is what we have learned during the corona crisis. Actually, this is what Charles Darwin tried to say to us almost 200 years ago: “it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

So, how does this translate to your online business and Enterspeed? Actually, it fits perfectly! When you have blazing fast data at the edge, then you can deliver great customer experiences – across devices, platforms, and customer experiences.

Blazing fast data at the edge enables you to give better recommendations and serve customers faster – all that without pushing the customers’ patience.

Blazing fast data at the edge

The Enterspeed data accelerator can take all your data sources and accelerate response rates and put these at the front with a well-described API.

What does this actually mean to you, you may ask? It means a great deal because with this data accelerator you can have thousands of combinations waiting to be asked for, just below the surface. This means that with every little click or dwelling, you can push the next best thing fast and efficiently to the customer.

This is hugely important in order to stay relevant to customers and get them to stay. Try to imagine that you are entering a textile store and there is a good store manager that approaches you. They get a couple of pieces of information such as what you are looking for, then the faster they come up with recommendations and solutions that fit you, the more inclined you are to shop there – and, by the way, be less price sensitive.

In an online universe, we tend to call this personalisation – but one thing that most companies have not yet solved is having high performance on sites while they push personalisation. In order to have both performance and personalisation, then you need blazing-fast data at the edge – just waiting to be pushed to the customer.

How does Enterspeed help me with agility?

Actually, the Enterspeed data accelerator delivers two kinds of agility to your current setup. First and most straightforward, it delivers blazing-fast data at the edge. This will significantly improve site performance, especially with personalisation, hence, more agility towards the customer. This is what we call customer agility.

Secondly, the Enterspeed data accelerator delivers more system agility to your current setup. This is because the setup can run with downtime on your CMS, without breaking the customer experience. This means that you can have longer service windows with lower risks on your infrastructure. Also, changing a CMS system to another can go swiftly below the radar with hyper care periods, etc. This is what we call system agility.

What does it mean to my business?

It basically means that you will experience greater customer satisfaction and better business through better conversion rates and lower bounce rates. Secondly, it will give you lower maintenance and update costs, as well as lower marketing costs.

We have experienced clients increase their revenues by 10-15% as well as lower their costs of the current setup at the same time. With the right understanding of site performance, infrastructure, and customer experiences we can deliver great results to most businesses.

If you want to learn more, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Emil Rasmussen
Emil Rasmussen
CTO at Enterspeed

20 years of experience with web technology and software engineering. Loves candy, cake, and coaching soccer.

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