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New Management App: Same, same, but different

Mads Vendelin Olesen
Mads Vendelin Olesen
Head of Sales & Partnerships at Enterspeed
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Today, we're thrilled to share a groundbreaking revelation in the Enterspeed universe – it's new, but it's the same, just built differently. Confused? Intrigued? Well, buckle up as we embark on a journey through the familiar yet refreshingly transformed landscape of our trusted Management App companion.

If this leaves you totally confused, then let's start from the beginning. The Enterspeed Management App is the internal designation for the Enterspeed UI you use at We are releasing what is essentially a complete rewrite of the application, so it is a lot of new code. The design and the features are the same, so for the most uses, nothing has changed.

So why did you do it then, you may ask. Our CTO is actually not happy about it either. It is ancient wisdom in the software engineering industry that rewriting is something you should never do. Our old app was written in Vue2 and Nuxt, and Vue2 reached its End Of Life by the end of 2023, so something had to be done. The path of least resistance was initially deemed to be migrating to Vue3. A migration with over 30 breaking changes is no small feat. The old app was developed by external resources 3 years ago, and the engineering team had no other Vue/Nuxt experience than what they learned by hacking the old app's Vue code. To cut a long story short, we chose to reimplement the app in React.

Reimplementing an existing app is a messy task, that we don't necessarily recommend for anyone, but we are happy with the React experience. Time will tell if the decision to invest in the rebuild was the right one.

We have a slew of upcoming updates to the Management App planned. The two first larger updates to come are Destinations and simple usage metrics that soon will be available from the app. For this release you will notice some features and changes:

↕️ It is now possible to sort both source entities and views by updated date
↔️ You can hide the left sidebar to give more space for schemas
📋 The JSON document in the testing pane is saved when opening/closing the testing pane
🌚 Dark mode colours have been given a refresh
⌨️ More keyboard navigation options from the ctrl/cmd-k menu powered by CommandBar
🌍 View connected sources on the Environment settings

We hope you enjoy the small new features and we are looking forward to releasing even more features. If you have any feedback or questions, then please reach out on your Slack support channel or via


Mads Vendelin Olesen
Mads Vendelin Olesen
Head of Sales & Partnerships at Enterspeed

Like all men in their 20's, Mads would've been a great footballer if it wasn't for that one injury in his teens. Makes half-decent jokes and acts like he knows stuff about Middlelayers ⚽

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