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We’ve entered a ISV and Marketplace partnership with Microsoft 👏

Mads Vendelin Olesen
Mads Vendelin Olesen
Head of Sales & Partnerships at Enterspeed
Thumbnail for blog post: We’ve entered a ISV and Marketplace partnership with Microsoft 👏

This is really awesome! As part of our partnership, we’ll get better access the Microsoft environment and community. We actually started out in Microsoft for Startups but have now graduated to the ISV Success Program🧑‍🎓 

For those who are interested in Enterspeed, it’ll be even easier to purchase Enterspeed through Microsoft Azure Marketplace. And to us, of course, it’s also a massive benefit that we get access to showcase how we provide value to customers – and how we can fit into Microsoft customers’ use cases.   

In Enterspeed, our customer portfolio already includes Enterprises, but the programme can broaden our market reach and put our content federation layer in front of a more global audience. 

Morten Kvist Thomsen, Partner Director, Global Partner Solutions Lead, Microsoft: "We’re so happy to welcome Enterspeed into our ISV Success fold. Enterspeed is a highly ambitious startup with large enterprise customers and their offerings will be very interesting to our community. Furthermore, Enterspeed was quick to enter The Microsoft Azure Marketplace and I feel certain the programme can help them bring value to a larger Microsoft clientele.” 

Toke Lund, CEO, Enterspeed: "Working with Microsoft on this has been such a smooth process, and the high interest in what we do and how it benefits our customers was spot-on from the beginning. Now, we can’t wait to see our Content Federation Layer get an even stronger traction and bring value to more customers in the Microsoft environment." 

Enterspeed has already made our debut on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace, an online hub where companies can explore and acquire cloud solutions that are certified to run on Azure. The marketplace serves as a bridge, connecting businesses in search of cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions with partners who have meticulously crafted solutions that are ready for immediate deployment.  

Feel free to explore the offerings and discover how Enterspeed can enhance your cloud journey! You can check out our listing on the marketplace here: Microsoft Azure Marketplace.😊 

Please note, that we offer a free demo PoC using your own data to show you how you can utilize Enterspeed and the value you can get out of it.    

If you want to read more about our solution in Azure Marketplace, you can do that here: Enterspeed Content Federation Layer – Ship scalable APIs. Fast and with zero infrastructure 

Mads Vendelin Olesen
Mads Vendelin Olesen
Head of Sales & Partnerships at Enterspeed

Like all men in their 20's, Mads would've been a great footballer if it wasn't for that one injury in his teens. Makes half-decent jokes and acts like he knows stuff about Middlelayers ⚽

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