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Breaking the update curve

Toke Lund
Toke Lund
CEO at Enterspeed
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We have all tried it: if you do not update your software accordingly, then you will lose either support or you get an insecure setup. This is not a big problem if you remain standard and/or are only updating apps.

But for large enterprises, sitting with customised platforms and codebases keeping up with the update curve is expensive, cumbersome, and time-consuming. Companies spend huge amounts of money and valuable time following the update curve. What if there is another way?

Modern infrastructure vs monolith

Many mature companies are stuck in a monolith-like technology landscape where a big Sitecore or SAP solution is driving major parts of the customer experience. The good thing is that IT has controlled risk down to one or 2 systems.

However, the downside is a painful and expensive continuous compliance to updating the platforms – otherwise, the risk of hacking increases significantly.

On the other hand, many of the most modern tech infrastructures actually deal with this through a true headless layer. This means that the microservice and standard systems below push data to the headless layer, which then serves it to the front end.

In this case, you can actually break the update curve, because your systems can be running behind firewalls and solely push data to the headless layer. Hence, there is less risk of hacking.

Breaking the update curve with Enterspeed

One of the key features of our data accelerator is not that it makes your data faster and serves it at the edge at warp speed. Actually, the key feature that we are most proud of is that it enables companies to break the update curve. With the data accelerator you do what truly headless setup is doing – push data out of old systems behind closed firewalls.

This actually means that using Enterspeed SaaS together with a new front end technology, you can let your legacy systems continue for longer than you have anticipated.

What we have experienced in our previous jobs is that many consultancies recommend new setups, because the current one would be running out of service soon. But it still works, so why spend millions on replacing something that might be slow, but otherwise work?

Today, you are considering this because of safety patches and no support from the software provider. By using the data accelerator, you can continue to deliver secure and fast data to your frontend, which is the only thing your customers see and experience. So, with the data accelerator, you can actually break the update curve on some of your old systems.

Love your current systems more and longer

What if you do not need to do any updates or patches for the next couple of years – how much would that actually save you? What if you can stay with the current setup for longer? Does your organisation know how it works and it is paid for? The solution is simple, yet not very attractive for external consultants and advisors – and it is not necessarily sexy.

If you can live with your current CMS and commerce engine with the current features for a couple of more years, then use the Enterspeed Data accelerator to push data out of your old systems and build a new frontend using modern technology (technology does not matter), and then put your old systems in your basement behind potent firewalls.

Then, you can have great and secure performance at the front and still use your old CMS or commerce engine for a couple of more years.

If you want to learn more, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Toke Lund
Toke Lund
CEO at Enterspeed

CEO and Partner at Enterspeed. Speaker on digital transformation and the future of Enterprise tech. Loyal lover of Liverpool! ⚽❤️

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