At Enterspeed, we solely focus on high-performance webpages

Our services are developed and delivered based on the following guiding principles:

Create business value through performance improvements
At Enterspeed, we simply just want to help you create high-performance webpages, hence generating better business results.
Tech independent and platform agnostic
At Enterspeed, we are tech independent and platform agnostic, which means that we can stay objective throughout all our offerings.
Decoupled & flexible
At Enterspeed, we integrate through APIs, meaning that our service is both decoupled & flexible.

Performance consulting

This is our in-depth consulting to identify the root causes of slow performances – we have many years of experience to understand and estimate a clear cost/benefit analysis of all the potential actions you can take to strive towards a higher performance, both from a technical and business perspective.

What we do?
Our performance consulting consists of the following three elements:

  1. Identify and quantify the potential & cost
  2. Plan roadmap optimizations
  3. Evaluate the effect

What we investigate?
At Enterspeed, we deliver performance consulting with a holistic perspective covering the potential drivers to slow performance. The primary scope for our analysis is the following areas:

  • Tech base
  • Hosting setup
  • Scripts
  • Database calls
  • 3rd party tools (Chat, tracking, marketing tools, etc.)
  • Personalization & recommendations
  • Content
  • Search & filters
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Enterspeed SaaS

The Enterspeed SaaS tool provides you with a data accelerator and a modern infrastructure, so you can significantly improve the performance on your front end. The SaaS tool has been built by experts, who have been working with high-performance sites and microservice infrastructures for many years.

The Enterspeed SaaS tool is platform agnostic, and can help with many different performance issues e.g. Login, Prices, Personalization, Intranets etc.

What we do?

The following four elements ensure a successful project when implementing the Enterspeed SaaS tool:

  1. Identify and quantify the potential/cost
  2. Technical preparation
  3. Implement the SaaS tool
  4. Continuous Performance measurement

How we implement?
The Enterspeed SaaS tool can be implemented in four different ways:

  • In a current setup
  • With new front end on top
  • In a new microservice setup
  • As a standalone booster
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Performance monitoring

Years of experience have taught us one simple thing – Webpage performance erodes over time if you do not continuously monitor and take proactive actions towards high performance. This means that we would like to offer you a service that continuously monitors your site and generates alarms if performance erodes. Here, we will have experts monitoring and evaluating your site continuously, so your investment in high business performance does not erode over time.

What we do?
Our performance consulting consists of the following three elements:

  1. Monitoring
  2. Continuously implement optimizations
  3. Customer success optimization
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