Software Engineer


Want to join our small SaaS product engineering team and to be part of a tech start-up with great prospects? You won’t even have to write an application. If you want to apply to be our new (and very much longed for) Software Engineer, all we ask, is for you to try out our tool, and let us know what you think. And then we talk 👌🏼


Enterspeed is a tech start-up focused on delivering tools for developers to create blazingly fast and globally scalable APIs for digital services. 

Our Backend For Frontend platform is the cornerstone of our company and the product we would hire you to help build. We have a solid foundation but are still in the early development stage. You will have a pivotal role in shaping a platform that will enable many more developers to create high performing APIs for their digital services. 

You should be a skilled software engineer with a solid experience in C# and software architecture. 

You should also be proficient in the general domain of web application development, with specific domain knowledge in at least some of the following areas: 

  • Web API design and implementation 
  • Integration projects with CMS, PIM and ERP systems 
  • Cloud native applications in Microsoft Azure 
  • Distributed systems and message queues 
  • DevOps culture and practices 
  • Git-based workflows and CI/CD tooling 

Job description

As Software Engineer you will have a big impact in our company. You will be part of our small product engineering team and have the possibility to work on every part of the platform – from build system over integration with new data sources to the Delivery API. 

Therefore, we are looking for a software engineer that can see the big architectural picture and still enjoys writing simple and maintainable code. We are working in a cloud-native system landscape, so we can focus on building software and not maintaining infrastructure. As software engineer you should be comfortable with the cloud – both from an architectural perspective and hands on. 

Our objective is to push the web to be faster and easier to build and operate, and if this is something you also have a keen interest in, we are especially interested in hearing from you. 

You should be a skilled software engineer with experience in the general domain of web application development and API design. When it comes to experiences and qualifications, we believe it’s more important what you can learn tomorrow, than what you know today. But to give you a bit more insight into the job and what a great candidate looks like, we have listed some of the experiences we are looking for. Don’t worry if you don’t tick all the boxes – if you are smart and have experience with building a strong product vision, we want to hear from you! 🦸‍♂️🦸🏼‍♀️

We are looking for someone who: 

  • Have experience with API design – preferable in a headless CMS context 
  • Have experience with designing and developing low-code tools 
  • Know their software patterns and when to apply them 
  • Have experience with one or more CMSs (Umbraco, Sitecore is top of the list) and data integration from PIM, ERP and other various business back office systems 
  • Understands the HTTP protocol and generally have a broad knowledge about how the web works 
  • Have experience or familiarity in cloud-native and distributed systems in Azure 
  • Familiarity with observability, automation and other concepts from the DevOps culture
  • Knows Git and various workflow and repository setups
  • Understands front-end concepts and/or have worked together with front-end engineers – as they make up a big part of the user base. 

About Enterspeed 

Enterspeed is a small and mature SaaS product company born out of the experience gained from many years of web development and large e-commerce solutions in the web consultancy industry. We have strong backing from leading Danish pre-seed investors and an exciting roadmap to deliver blazing fast websites and digital services. 🚀

We are currently a small 5-person engineering team. Our development process is based on agile principles where we work in sprints, continually delivering working and high-quality software.

We have set out to create a digital-first engineering organisation that allows you to work remote or out of our office in Højbjerg, Aarhus depending on your own preferences. But this is just a part of our approach to being a flexible workplace. We believe you can do your best work when you also take good care of yourself and your loved ones. It’s expected you primarily work from a European time zone. 

👉 Reach out to our CTO Emil Rasmussen by mail og via LinkedIn for more information or if you any questions.  

How to apply 

We’re not all that interested in reading long, standard applications. Instead, we ask you to try our Headless Hub and let us know, what you think and what you would do next. If you do, we’ll be thrilled to have a talk with you about your fit to the Enterspeed team.  

We hope to hear from you by January 31st.  

Interested? Then sign up as user on, go through our tool, and send all your feedback and ideas as soon as possible to – and remember to mention, which job you’re interested in. 

We’ll be hiring as soon as we meet the right new Enterspeeder 🦸‍♂️🦸🏼‍♀️💖